Mpaka Haki Ishinde

Mpaka Haki Ishinde

This message is in Congolese Swahili. It is about the story of Joseph and God's way of bring justice to those who have been taken advantage of. It is a soul-stirring message that we hope our Swahili speaking audience can enjoy and be encouraged by. 

Ce message est en swahili congolais. Il s'agit de l'histoire de Joseph et de la façon dont Dieu a rendu justice à ceux qui ont été exploités. C'est un message émouvant que nous espérons que notre public parlant swahili pourra apprécier et être encouragé par.

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Matendo ya Mitume

Lilian is a co-leader of Nouvelle Comunaute de l'Esperance/Rally International in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is a midwife, mother of two and the wife of Pastor Euclide Mugisho. She preached a message about not keeping the Spirit of God within the four corners of the church. The message is in Swahili.