Fire at the University Campus

Rally works to transform closed and conflict ridden regions by building community centers, promoting reconciliation, education, and social development. Our directors live in Goma, a city known for its instability due to conflicts around it by various armed militia groups. Its a city of 1.5 million people, many who have fled from their rural lives to the city for refuge. A normal day in Goma can often be marked by seeing tanks drive by, helicopters flying overhead every few minutes, shootings during the evening. In other words, a normal day is a hectic day some where else.

One of our own university students from Nouvelle Communaute de l'Esperance, our community in Goma, was nearly injured among recent violence in the schools where thugs brought machetes, axes, homemade bombs and burnt down the library and administrative offices. Some were seriously injured, others got burnt, some ran out with no harm, and a person was burnt to death just meters up the road from our teamhouse. That same day our team met a terrible family feud outside of the compound, where a wife was begging to hide her belongings in our compound. She didn’t want her husband to have a hold of her belongs. 

There is a lot of work to be done. But we are thankful that the foundation for frontline transformation is a bond of love and vulnerability that creates such a safe space, where fear is cast out. That bond starts with us as a team, and it reverberates to every person we touch and every place we go. That bond is the manifest Kingdom of God on this earth ...and that's why we Rally.