Mpaka Haki Ishinde

Mpaka Haki Ishinde

This message is in Congolese Swahili. It is about the story of Joseph and God's way of bring justice to those who have been taken advantage of. It is a soul-stirring message that we hope our Swahili speaking audience can enjoy and be encouraged by. 

Ce message est en swahili congolais. Il s'agit de l'histoire de Joseph et de la façon dont Dieu a rendu justice à ceux qui ont été exploités. C'est un message émouvant que nous espérons que notre public parlant swahili pourra apprécier et être encouragé par.

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Laying the Corner Stone

Amethyst Roth and Euclide Mugisho, two of the founders of the community lay the corner stone to start the building process.

Amethyst Roth and Euclide Mugisho, two of the founders of the community lay the corner stone to start the building process.

The property in Mugunga is buzzing with activity. People are hauling bags of small lava rocks on their backs, others are chiseling rocks to fit into spaces. Men are cutting, bending and shaping steel frames that will reinforce the structure that will become our next classroom. The construction on our first block building began this week. Rally International NCE hired teams of 15 people per week to work. We finished the foundation for the building, including the steel frame reinforcement that will enable the building to have a second story.

Pastor Euclide and Amethyst laid the first stone at a celebration that included sodas and loaves of bread for all the workers. Children were running and playing on the large mounds of sand that were trucked in for mixing cement, despite being told not to-- a huge pile of sand just invites children to play in any part of the world!

Women are working as masons-- mixing cement and helping to build the foundation for this building. The bricks have been delivered this week for the walls and the building will be progressing quickly in order to be ready by the end of summer. It is beautiful to see the community pull together in order to build a classroom. This is a classroom that will contribute to the future of Congo. We are literally laying the building blocks of the future on our land. 

Members of the Rally International NCE celebrate laying the first stone with bread and soda.

Members of the Rally International NCE celebrate laying the first stone with bread and soda.

Elbow Space in the Classroom

This is post written by Michelle Smith. Follow her on Facebook.

It began raining early in the morning, waking me up from my sleep. I laid in bed and prayed that the rain would clear for this was the day that the classrooms would change. A delivery truck full of brand new desks would come to the school. I waited until the last moment, but the rain would not let up - I reluctantly put on rain gear and headed out on the street to search for a motorbike taxi. I knew I would be paying at least twice as much to convince a driver to take me all the way to Mugunga in the rain. I was soaked by the time I got to the school. I could hear the children reciting their lessons and walked up to the school to peek into one of the windows. I soon was choking back tears when I saw all the beautiful desks and children having enough space to work. There were no children crammed onto benches and bent over uncomfortably to write on their papers. There were no longer 4-5 children sharing a desk built for 2. The rain began to clear and I smiled. I did not care that I was soaked - this day was about much more than my personal comfort - it was to celebrate the comfort of these students within their classroom.

I knocked on the second grade classroom door and slowly entered with a surprised look on my face - I asked loudly if the students liked their new desks and cheering erupted. I began hitting the top of a desk and asked again if they liked their new desks - that was all it took and then there was drumming on the desks and loud shouting and clapping from all the students.

“Thank you for the desks!” 
“We Love our desks!” 
“God bless you!”
“Praise God!”

I took the time to go to each class and have a celebration with them. Each teacher lost control of his classroom, but was perfectly happy for the interruption this day. I made a point to remind them that it was generous people in the US that had given the money for the desks - not me. And it was God that blessed them with the money so they could bless others. God deserved the credit for getting them their desks, not me.

Thank you for the ones who gave so generously to make this happen - I can not tell you the gratitude our community and school feel. Thank you also to the ones of you who faithfully share my stories and give me a chance to reach even more people. Please continue to let your heart be softened by these stories - for they are not just stories, but lives. The lives of small children that are being changed daily, the lives of parents that are being impacted, the life of a community that continues to grow. You have the power to change lives.

   Prior to the additional desks being added to each class, many of the students would be crammed together on benches - they did not complain, but there was not adequate space to work.


Prior to the additional desks being added to each class, many of the students would be crammed together on benches - they did not complain, but there was not adequate space to work.

   Now each student has space to work and is sitting correctly and comfortably! Look at those smiles!


Now each student has space to work and is sitting correctly and comfortably! Look at those smiles!

U.S. Tour Schedule


Pastor Euclide and Amethyst are coming to the U.S. in January. They will be there to share the vision, reconnect with supporters, create new relationships and raise funds for the ministry. Contact them if they are passing your area. Email Amethyst at

January 3-13                 | Northeast

January 15-19                | Florida

January 20-30              | Puerto Rico

February 1-10                | Florida

February 10-18              | Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois

February 19-21              | Tennessee, Arkansas

February 21-24              | Texas

February 24 – March 5  | Colorado, Utah, California, Washington

March 6-11                      | Kona, Hawaii

March 12-13                   | Los Angeles, Cali.


Being the Church


Jenny Gonzalez is a missionary under Rally International NCE, she has worked for extended periods of time in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2012. She coordinates trips for short term teams. She works with youth, children and especially women through creative arts and teaching from the Bible. Jenny preached in English about being the church and Amethyst Roth translated into Congolese Swahili. 

Matendo ya Mitume

Lilian is a co-leader of Nouvelle Comunaute de l'Esperance/Rally International in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is a midwife, mother of two and the wife of Pastor Euclide Mugisho. She preached a message about not keeping the Spirit of God within the four corners of the church. The message is in Swahili.  


Building a School

Life gives and takes away, but one thing that we can give a child that no one can take away is knowledge. Education is often the one thing keeping children from being recruited as a child soldier, married as a child bride, forced in to slave labor or pushed to work in a brothel. Education prevents early death from preventable diseases and gives hope to a child that they can "be somebody."

Education lifts up a society. We want to lift up the society We are building our first primary school. Check out ur progress and find out how you can help.

Masikini Anapenda Nini?

Pastor Euclide is the Pastor of Nouvelle Communaute de l'Esperance and a cofounder of Rally International. He is currently working on a church plant in Mugunga, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. Mugunga is an area known for vast camps of internally displaced people. People from Mugunga have fled villages affected by the civil war that has affected the country for more than twenty five years. He preaches a difficult message about coming out of poverty. This message details some of the things that are necessary for poverty alleviation in the community. 

Our Manifesto

We believe the church was created to be the grassroots response for crises in communities around the world. But when members of the church become the victims of the injustices facing the community, it is difficult for them to be the responders. When women in the church are being brutally raped, it is difficult for them to device a plan for protection against genderbased violence. When a father is struggling to find work and provide for his family, it is difficult for him to adopt an orphan or take on the responsibility to father another child. When members of a church are unable to read or write it is difficult for them to mobilize for social change in the society, even their very right to vote is jeopardized.  

Our work targets conflict communities and works to build the capacity of members in the church, so that they can be the responders and not the victims. The church is only institution that can father and mother orphaned hearts and also provide services to the community using the internal resources of its own members.

What does that look like in real life? In real life, our work looks like strengthening our community and creating environments where child exploitation doesn’t have to happen because children are in school and growing, where gender-based violence is not an issue because women are respected and have voice in the society, where family feuds don’t turn into wars because the community mediates its own conflicts.

Our team used to rescue children swept away by armed rebel groups, but today, we train fathers in the community to go back get their sons. Orphanages aren’t needed within our community, because the members of our church adopt their orphans. We used to scholarship children to go to school, but today we are becoming the school—teaching children from nursery age all the way through university. Domestic violence and alcohol abuse drops within our community because husbands can find jobs, feel respected and can assume their place of being a provider within the household.



Fire at the University Campus

Rally works to transform closed and conflict ridden regions by building community centers, promoting reconciliation, education, and social development. Our directors live in Goma, a city known for its instability due to conflicts around it by various armed militia groups.

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RAW Prayer Meeting

On the 19th of March Rally US came together to pray for all the Rally team members in Congo, and the world around us. Its something that we do every month. We often have team members from around the world Skype in to pray with us and give us an update, while also having other people from around the globe tweeting in via social media. 

There was something so different about this prayer meeting. A group of hurting people walking through their own storms of life came together to pray, willing to put themselves aside to pray for others. Something so powerful happens when people come together in agreement in prayer. A peace that surpasses all understanding and a joy so pure and divine.

With a few short-termers getting ready to go out to Congo, some of our team members paving their paths into the mission field, others violently taking by force the Kingdom of God in their own homelands, and others getting ready to make the jump into radical living and trusting God for His provision.

We all need to let go and let God. We no longer may hold on to the very things that seem to fall a part. Those things are falling a part for a reason. We need to allow God to take full control and move forward. He is our foundation and our rock, so we will stand firm and with confidence in Him. The safest place to be in, is in His will. The dangerous place to be in, is out of HIs will; even if it seems so safe around you.

So let that burden go and let go of all your understanding to receive the peace of God. Things may not look as you expected them to but some times you are not meant to do things as they are expected to be done.

Schedule for U.S. and Canada

Andrew and Amethyst Roth will be in the U.S. and Canada on the following dates. Please contact to schedule a meeting or speaking engagement. 

November 5-23, Orlando, Fla.

November 23-30, southern Wisconsin

December 1-5, British Columbia, Canada